Tyga claims he contacted 14-yr-old for his record label

Tyga-and-Molly-O-Malia-Naijakit.com_Following reports that a 14-yr-old girl has come forward, claiming that rapper, Tyga had been texting her on social media, insinuating that he had been hitting on her, the rapper has spoken up, with his own claims.


Tyga claims that he only contacted her for his record label and her music, saying that she had told him he was 17 and not 14.


TMZ reports that the rapper’s manager, Anthony Martini, has revealed that the rapper only reached out to 14-year-old, Molly O’Malia, after their team had reportedly found out that she had a pretty strong musical following online.

They claim that they had, at the time thought bO’Malia would be a good fit for a Last Kings Records project.


The rapper has gone on to claim that his contacting her had been strictly business and “completely PG”.

According to text messages obtained by TMZ, Molly is alleged to have mentioned that she was 17 and not 14 as she claims now.


The manager claims that, in the exchange between O’Malia and Tyga, the rapper had specifically asked her to send him some of her music, stressing that things had never gotten “uncomfortable” as O’Malia now claims.


Tyga’s rep also reveals that the rapper had been sitting in the studio with his producers when he asked to FaceTime with O’Malia and that he had wanted to talk business, as well as see her sing.

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