Solution to GPS powering on automatically on Glo

Quite a number of people has asked me how to stop their GPS from turning on automatically on glo network. You receive a call ad ur GPS automatically turns on, or u switch on ur data and ur GPS turns itself on? Well, u r not the only one having that issue, bliv me. peeps have been questioning me on how to solve this and I’ve googled over n over again without a working solution. After much commonsensical work, I am pleased to announce to u that I’ve got the soln! I know u copy n paste ppu would copy this but what shall it profit a man…

To cut d long story short, if u are on android, root ur device. if on iOS, jailbreak ur device. For android, use any root file explorer, I use explore tho, go to root folder, click on system/etc folder, scroll down n u’ll c a file named agps_*** open n edit it. Towards d bottom, u’ll c a line ” ” without d quote line. save and exit. connect ur internet or make a call n c if u still experiencing this.
For iOS, the process is basically the same. just use ifile n locate agps_conf*** n do d same thing.

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