See Photo Of The Motorcyclist Stabbed To Death On Valentine Day In Oworonsoki, Lagos

Damilola said: “We were
together at home in the
evening of February 14 around
6pm. He just returned from
work where he went to supply
sand and said he wanted to take
a shower; so I helped him take
a bucket of water to the
bathroom. Later, he said he was
hungry and we sent someone to
buy beans and bread.
After eating, he said the food
did not satisfy him and that he
would go and get beans from a
woman that sells it downstairs.
“I told him not to go because I
had a dream that some people
were fighting him before he
came in that evening. He said
he was not going out, that he
was just going downstairs.
“Later, I heard he went towards
the place he works because
some people wanted to open a
hotel there. I also heard that a
woman who owns a shop
around that place told him to
wait for her there but someone
called him on the phone.
“Someone had also called him
on Saturday morning when he
was at home and when I asked