Scientist discovers gorillas engaging in Lesbian S3x In Rwanda

This discovery, the first ever recorded instance of the behaviour, has been credited to S3xual arousal.
For the first time in recorded history, gorillas are found having S3xual relations with other female gorillas.

Associate Professor Dr. Cyril Grueter, a primate expert from the University of Western Australia made the discovery and believes the behaviour was instigated by mere S3xual arousal and nothing more.

After coming upon the strange behaviour when trying to study the feeding ecology of mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Grueter then went on to try and understand what motivated the S3xual pattern.

In the study that followed, the Australian found that the S3xuality of female gorillas was very flexible, a finding which corresponds with another earlier research which found that female humans are more adaptable in their S3xuality than men, he said. “The female gorillas are quite flexible when it comes to S3xuality, they can easily switch from a preference for males to a preference for females,” Dr Grueter said.

He added that: “When the male is not available they try to entice another female to mate with them. Out of 22 female gorillas across two separate groups studied, 18 were found to engage in S3xual activity with other females, including engaging in genital rubbing. We believe it is simply a function of S3xual arousal.”

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