Reverend Impregnates Seven Church Members & Two Married Women

A randy man of God identified as
Dukes (surname withheld) in
Umunede, Delta State who has
been accused of sleeping with his
church members in the past two
years, has allegedly impregnated
seven of his single female church
members and two married women.
While trouble is currently brewing
over the act, it was reliably gathered
that the self-acclaimed man of God
had also allegedly seduced several
young girls in neighbouring
communities: Ute-Ukpu, Otolokpo
under the guise of providing them
with suitors before he moved into
Umunede after his cover was blown.
He was said to have been arrested
and detained at Agbor Police Station
by aggrieved parents of his victims
for two days before granted bail.
A member of his church “Light Of
God Ministries” Josephine Ogor said,
“The self acclaimed reverend uses
preaching, choirs and organised
youth fellowship to get young girls.”
“That was what he did in Ute-Okpu,
Otolokpo neighbouring
communities before he moved into
Umunede and he was driven away
by the elders of the communities, he
likes girls of 15, 16 and 17 years he
sleeps with,” she added.
Investigation revealed that until
some married women started
carrying their marital problems to
him, the self-acclaimed man of God
allegedly known for magical powers,
specialises in mind-blowing
prophecies for unsuspecting
members of his church including
some highly placed politicians and
businessmen across the state.
His victims, some who claimed they
were hoodwinked into S3xual
intercourse with him via magical
powers, Awele John, Marble Ogoan
and Rosemary Iwendi said: “Please
Mr. Pressman don’t use our pictures.”
“The man is fake, he uses magical
powers to woo young girls he sleeps
with, that was how we fell into his
net, and our eyes were opened”.
Another victim, a married woman
who did not want her name in the
print said she had gone to the
reverend’s house to seek advice on
constant quarrels between her and
the husband for possible solution
when Dukes allegedly gave her
anointed oil for her to rub and take
from it but this was not to be, when
she found herself in love making
with the reverend during the night.
She said: “I saw myself having S3xual
intercourse with the Reverend in my
sleep and I was shocked before I
made it known to my husband”.
Further investigation revealed that
his modus operandi is to give out
olive oil bottles to unsuspecting
female miracle seekers, young girls
looking for suitors, a situation that
keep them glued to him before
taking them to bed.
But in swift reaction, the Reverend
dispelled on telephone as untrue
and attempts to blackmail him as
true man of God, adding that those
who claimed to have been
impregnated by him designed a plot
to kill him.
He said: “I am not responsible for
their pregnancies, they are lairs”.
At Agbor Police Division, two
investigating police officers who did
not want their names in the print
said: “We are currently investigating
the Reverend after some parents of
the girls he allegedly seduced
reported the matter at the station,
we have earlier arrested and
released him on bail while
investigation is ongoing.”
Source:- Punch NG