Paul Okoye says stress caused Peter Okoye’s illness

Paul Okoye says stress is the cause of Peter Okoye’s ill health.


Last month singer and entertainer Peter Okoye, 34, revealed to his millions of fans that he was having health issues. The Psquare singer shared photos of him undergoing a CT scan and asked his fans to pray for him.
While he is now abroad, his brother Paul Okoye has revealed what led Peter Okoye to the hospital.


According to Paul Okoye who is the song writer and producer of the group, exhaustion and stress led Peter Okoye to the hospital.

First of all Peter went for a checkup. He was going through a lot after we went on the American tour. I don’t know how someone will manage whereby you have a concert Friday, Saturday, then Sunday you book a flight come back to Nigeria, you shoot Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday then you travel Wednesday night, arrive on Thursday in America and perform” said Paul Okoye to Hip TV.


I don’t know how he managed but it was good that he pulled through. And he came back December period we were playing concerts, rushing back no rest.

“Usually for Psquare we don’t do concerts in January. January was supposed to be our holiday period, anybody can travel. We always go to America, Atlanta chill, get to Miami but this time I’m using that opportunity to work with Muno in the studio” Paul Okoye further said.

Paul Okoye also allayed the fears of Psquare fans that nothing is wrong with his brother.


He travelled at the same time to cool his head. He is fine, there is nothing wrong with Peter. He is doing good” said Paul Okoye.

Peter Okoye has been in England and Turkey with Cameroonian football star Samuel Eto’o as he tries to get his football business up and running.

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