Nigeria’s Murder Mysteries That Were Never Solved

1. Mungo Park – he was an explorer who was born in Selkirkshire scotland , he was the first westerner to have travelled to the central of the river Niger,he was sent out by the Association for Promoting the Discovery of the Interior of Africa’ to discover the course of the River Niger. He was particularly sent on this expedition because of his success in the first trip where he went alone but on this journey he went with 40 Europeans who all lost their lives in the adventure.

(Though Nigeria had not been formed when mungo park died, I feel it justifiable to include this, because he was last seen in a place currently in Nigeria)

His death; against logic and reasoning, Mungo park set out with his 40 man expedition to the river Niger from Gambia in the rainy season, and when there were different wars and hostilities going on in the Niger area. Due to the weather, and different kinds of deseases , mungo park’s men started dying , from 40 to 11, but mungo park was a proud man and didn’t send any letter of his problems to London , by the time they reached segu, only four of his men were alive, Sending his native guide, Isaaco, back to Laidley with his journals, Park was determined to continue. But at the bussa rapids in 1806 after 1000 miles on sea , park and his four men disappeared from the face of the earth, issaco was sent back to find the truth but the only remains to be discovered was park’s ammunition belts. Some historians say he drowned in the sea While some said he and his team were mistaken for Muslim’s raiders and shot at..but we might never know how mungo park died,,if he is alive today, he would be 244 years old.

Dele giwa : he was a dogged and fearless journalist, he was a Nigerian editor and founder of newswatch , during the military regime, he opposed the regime and autocratic rule of the head of states and published news and facts in his magazine to show the world that the head of states were really corrupt and bad.
On December 1986, dele giwa was killed by a mail/letter bomb in his Lagos home, two days after he had been interviewed by sss( state security service) officials,

Till today dele giwa’s killer was never brought to book
Rumours have it that his killing was ordered by the head of state then who was general Ibrahim babangida over the damning news of the illegal activities of his wife.but we might never know the killer. If dele giwa is alive now, he would have been 68 years old embarassed

3.General sanni abacha -: he was an head of state of Nigeria and his autocratic rule was reported to be a reign of terror, corruption, lawlessness and anarchy, anyone that dare talk or oppose his government was snuffed out,(eliminated), he ordered the killing of ken saro wiwa which was why Nigeria banned temporarily from the commonwealth of nations, nobody really knew how he died

Some reports said he died of an apple by two Indian ladies

Another said he died on top of a woman Recently or not to recent

His CSO ( chief security officer) said he died of an heart attack

We might never know how he died but his death was a relief to the citizens of Nigeria, Africa and the world as a whole, it was even said that many people took to dancing on the street when the news of his death was released. –

Bola ige : He was a Nigerian lawyer and politician, He became federal minister of Justice for Nigeria.On 23 December 2001, Bola Ige was shot dead at his home in the south-western city of Ibadan. He had been entangled in squabbles within his Alliance for Democracy party in Osun State, the feud involving governor bisi akande and his deputy bisola omisore.. Bola ige’s killer was never brought to book as those who were arrested,
and tried for involvement in the murder, including Iyiola Omisore, were all dischaeged and acquitted.
Though till today,some people are of the strong opinion that iyiola omisore was the one that orchestrated the murder, but we might never know the truth.

5. Funsho Williams
6. Chibok girls : on that tragic day , 15th April 2014, 276 female school girls were abducted by Islamic militants,(book haram) and 219 are still reported to be missing, this got the whole world talking and initiated the “BringBackOurGirls” campaign, this catastrophe was regarded as the major flaw in ex president , Goodluck Jonathan’s government.. What might have happened to these girls? there were some rumours saying the boko haram militants have slept with some of them , married some and sold some of them as slaves, another said they might have been radicalized, brain washed and initiated into the world of terrorism owing to the recent activities of female sucide bombers .. Even as I type this, I still feel a sadness in my heart and pray they are found safe and healthy.(Amen)