#MorningTeaser ‘I caught my aunt in a hotel with her driver: should I tell my uncle?’

What would you do if you caught your aunt with her driver in a hotel?


“Dear Naijakit,

My name is Yetunde and I am a 26-year-old lady living with my father’s younger brother in Lagos. I work with a broadcasting outfit in the city.

My uncle has been married for eight years but he is not enjoying his marriage due to his wife’s flirtatious attitude. He has complained to family members several times on his wife’s behaviour and they keep telling him to endure especially because of their three children. My aunt is a very pretty woman and runs a shop where she sells clothes and that hs exposed her to many friends many who are either single, divorced or separated from their husbands.

I am sure these women have been of negative influence to her. She loves partying and staying out late. Some of my friends have told me how they run into her with different men but I always took such reports as mere rumour until I caught her red handed with her own driver in a hotel.

On the day of the incident, my fiance had taken me out to a birthday party organised by his friends at a hotel in Ikoyi and that was where I caught my aunt. We were in the reception having fun when she walked into the hotel with her driver in tow. I was shocked and hid behind my fiance so that she would not see me.

She walked to the receptionist and booked a room. After they went inside, I went to the lady asked what the woman did and the lady told me my aunt booked a room for two hours. The apparently disgusted lady further told me that it was not the first time the woman had lodged there with different men, sometimes over night.

This happened around the Christmas period and since then, I have not had peace of mind. I have discussed with my boyfriend but he told me never to divulge what I saw to my uncle but as a family, I have not been able to live with myself after what I saw.

Should I tell my uncle?



Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we ask: would you tell your uncle you saw his wife with her driver in a hotel?

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