Milli is going about his reemergence the right way

Nigerians love a good story in which everything is left to God. You get attacked, leave it to God. You get insulted, don’t fire back. Someone takes a dump in your sitting room? Go down on your knees and pray. Don’t even tell the world about it, just suck it up and pray.

What many fail to understand is that suppressing issues and not expressing what you feel, actually makes you hold on to it, and never go past it, You might appear to for a while, but bottling ill that has come your way can only result in a high-pressured mind that definitely would explode.

Milli isn’t a man who would love the ghosts of his past to haunt him, control him, and hold him in chains. The rapper who was formerly signed to M.I Abaga’s Loopy Music in 2014, only has one official single to his name with no video. All the time, he has serving as a creative cow for M.I Abaga, who milked him, with no tangible gain received in return. Milli’s work was evident in M.I’s “Chairman”, and when the merger happened in 2015, also heavy in Chocolate City’s “TICBN” album.


The rapper understands this, opening his epistle with “It’s been a long journey – one year in 2014 with M.I. writing and co-producing the Chairman album, and another year in 2015 being signed with Loopy and Choc City, writing and co-producing the TICBN album, and working on individual Choc City artist projects.”

What no one tells you about this kid is that while working on the M.I projects, he was kicked out of his house by his angry father who was against his relationship with Jude Abaga. Milli then moved to the rapper’s house and began work. He even introduced his producer Reinhard to M.I, who fell in line, quickly proving his talents, and working on the projects too. According to sources they worked for free.

Milli’s letter to his fans which explained his pain, anguish, and emotional turmoil contains a lot of revelations, and none of them are positive. But it was good he did that. First, M.I Abaga dedicated a full song – ‘Everything I have seen’ – to dissing him, and according to sources, spread falsehood about his exit. With that story hanging over your neck, when you know the truth is a different shade, silence will kill you slowly. First it distracts you mentally, then it erodes your sense of self, before finally bringing on depression.


So talk Milli did, and that was the best decision of his music career. The rapper is gearing up for new things. His record label, ‘Up Next Universe’ is at the roll out stage, with a lot planned for the singer. His trailer for the original version of ‘Unlooking’ contains cinematic symbolism, as he appears to bring down the powers that ‘seem’ to govern Hip-hop. The video drops June 12, 2016.

Milli is letting go of his past demons, and he is doing it the right way by owning his narrative, letting go of his pain, and creating art from the remnants.

NK Staff

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