Medical Students Protest, Lock UNILAG Gate (Photos)

It was a day of student protests
in Yaba on Wednesday.
While students of Yaba College
of Technology were protesting
the death of a colleague , pre-
medical students of the
University of Lagos also locked
up the school’s main entrance
in protest.
The premed students,
comprising students of
Medicine and Surgery, Medical
Laboratory Science, Nursing,
Dentistry, and Physiotherapy,
were protesting the school’s
management decision to
change the criteria for
promotion to 200L, mid-session.
The students said the new
criteria, which was not
disclosed, deprived many of
them the chance to continue
their programmes.
“When the list was finally
released, many students who
met the requirements as
originally laid out in the
handbook were not admitted to
the College of Medicine,” a
student said.