Man Beats His Mum To Death Two Days After Being Released From Prison After 30-Year Murder Sentence

Two days after completing a
30-year prison sentence for a
1984 murder conviction, a New
Jersey man allegedly killed his
64-year-old mother.
On Wednesday, Steven Pratt,
47, pleaded guilty to
manslaughter, admitting his
role in his mother’s beating
death, police say.
A statement from prosecutors
obtained by PEOPLE confirms
Pratt, an Atlantic City resident
who lived with his mother,
repeatedly struck his mother
Gwendolyn Pratt in the head
the morning of Oct. 12, 2014.
Police responded to the Pratt
home that morning and found
Gwendolyn’s lifeless body
The statement says officers
immediately took Pratt into
custody and an autopsy later
revealed the victim died from
blunt force trauma to the head.
Pratt faces 25 more years
behind bars when he is
sentenced within the next few
months, police say.
On Oct. 10, 2014, Pratt was
released from a New Jersey
prison, where he’d spent the
previous three decades for the
fatal shooting of Michael
When he was 15, Anderson
caught Pratt smoking
marijuana with friends and
confronted the boy.
During that incident, Pratt
struck Anderson in the face with
a lead pipe. After being hit,
Anderson retreated, but hours
later, Pratt knocked on his
apartment’s door. When he
opened it, Pratt shot Anderson.