Man Beaten By Army Cadets For Complimenting A Female Cadet Recounts His Ordeal

Man Brutally Beaten By Nigerian
Army Cadets For Allegedly
Complimenting A Female Cadet
Recounts His Ordeal
YORKFEB 06, 2016
Sunday Amari, a 25-year old man
brutally beaten by several
Nigerian Army cadets in Abuja
for complimenting a female army
cadet, has given SaharaReporters
a full account of his ordeal.
SaharaReporters first released the
video of the gruesome beating
of the man, and the video
quickly went viral. In the video,
a female cadet from the Nigerian
Defense Academy (NDA) in
Kaduna is seen slapping,
smacking and kicking the victim,
with other female and male
cadets soon joining her to
brutalize Mr. Amari.
In an interview today, Mr.
Amari told SaharaReporters
that the assault took place on
December 31, 2014 at the Jabi
Lake Park in Abuja, Nigeria’s
capital, where he serves as a
parks and recreation officer.
His account contradicts a claim
by the Nigerian Defense
Academy that the attack
happened in Lagos. Mr. Amari
stated that the cadets
attacked and nearly killed him
while he was at his duty post.
He disclosed that he was not
the original victim of the
violent cadets, who included
two females and seven males.
According to him, the cadets’
first victim was another man
seen at the end of the video.
He revealed that the cadets
had brutalized the first victim
to the extent that the man
may have suffered serious
brain or nerve damage.
Mr. Amari, who is fondly called
“Sunny,” said the unruly cadets
set upon him for fear that he
might report their atrocities. He
said he was carrying out his duty
of moving around the park to
ensure that everything was in
order when he saw the nine
cadets around 4 p.m. beating up
a civilian. He said he walked
towards the cadets and their
victim out of curiosity.
According to him, the cadets then
beckoned on him and asked why
he was looking at them. Before
he could speak, they descended
on him and gave him a brutal
beating even as he pleaded with
them that he was a recreation
officer at the park. He revealed
that at least five of the cadets
participated in beating him until
he passed out. He said he was
left for dead, adding that a
kind stranger took pity on him
and conveyed him to the
hospital where he spent a week
recuperating from his serious
Mr. Amari, who hails from
Opoko local government area
of Benue State, said he had
reported the assault to the
cadets’ director, a retired
military officer, who told him
nothing could be done since his
attackers were military cadets.
The Nigerian Defense Academy
(NDA) in Kaduna has issued a
series of tweets claiming that the
assault happened in Lagos while
the cadets were on break, adding
that the affected cadets would be
punished. The NDA did not
respond to emails from
SaharaReporters seeking
information on the identities of
the cadets who took part in the
horrifying beating of Mr. Amari.

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