Jaywon talks about his new album, Nomoreloss, the industry and more.

The Afro-pop singer clears misconceptions on who wrote his hit song ‘This year’ amongst other tidbits.

On his new album, “Oba Orin”, the ‘This year’ crooner Jaywon is super excited the album is dropping and the fact that this is coming under his own team and record label. He says we should expect the best from the album as he has the best voices out of Nigeria on it.

When asked what he has been working on in the last couple of years, the singer says he felt he should take his time in putting a team together following his leaving his former record label Kennis Music.

As regards how easy it was for him, Jaywon said it was no big deal, his contract expired and he felt he needed to move on, that it was a good time to start his own thing adding that as a man, he feels you should learn to do something for yourself and not have to depend on people all the time.


Regarding the challenges building his own team, he admitted money is always a big factor, but he thanks God he is still able to put out the kind of music he wants to push out there.

On what inspired the title of the album “Oba orin”, the singer says he initially had three titles, he wasn’t even thinking ‘’Oba orin’’ but all of a sudden, the name came, then he put it on his Twitter handle and the title started trending, and even the marketer endorsed it, and that was how it stuck. He added that the album encompasses love, dance and inspiration.


When asked what his reaction was when he heard Nomoreloss wrote the song This year for him, the ‘Madantin’ singer said “People are funny, the industry is funny, even the artistes are funny, when he was alive, I didn’t see that,  now he’s dead everybody are now talking about him that  he wrote the song. When he was alive, did he go on TV to tell anyone that he wrote the song, I was on trending on HipTV earlier  this year in January, I cleared the air when I was asked the question “What’s the funniest thing I have heard, then I was like, “     Somebody told me that Nomoreloss wrote my song, he was just opportune to be in the studio with us and he liked the song, he has always been a fan of the song, I can remember his words then, he was like “Ah, Jaywon you have this kind of song, and you people are playing around the studio, this is dope, we were already done with the hook and the verse one of the song, and he even did a backup on the part of the song that goes “If you believe say Amen…”.


He then went on to add that he is looking for writers, that if anyone had a song that is nice, they should bring it to him, but he won’t be so cheap to deny someone that writes a song for him. He mentioned that he wrote the song ‘Jawo Jawo’ for late Goldie and ‘Facebook love’ for Essence.

 “Before you can say you own a song or wrote a song, if you make a hook of a song for someone, you can say you own the song, because the hook is like the main thing in the song, but the industry is very fake and corny sometimes, they just want to be relevant by saying something”.


The Headies 2013 winner said some people take part of his songs without permission but he just watches and ignores. He called out Tim Godfrey’s for his song ‘This year’ alleging that he took out some part from his award winning song ‘This year’ without giving him due credit. The singer said he didn’t want to loud it so that they won’t say it’s because he is trying to be relevant or stay in the news so just tries to stay away from scandalous events.

The singer says he is working on signing new acts soon to his record label, saying he has two artists he is actually working on and they are featured on his new album, and we would be hearing from them soon.

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