Hilarious Throwback Photos Of Naija Celebs

We have been used to seeing them in the light of being cute and adorable.

They are actually adorable. Bearing it in mind that humans evolve, these Nigerian Celebrities have had their shares of days of ‘keeping it real’, days of ‘making it happen’ and days where it seems that everything might not work for them.

However, Ngreports.com has compiled ‘back-in-the-days’ photos of our favorite Naija stars that will amuse you, make you think and also make you believe that there is always a ‘drop of beauty’ in anyone..no matter what!

You most definitely will recognize some of these celebs considering the sharpness of either their face shapes, nose and so on while we bet you might not recognize some due to the drastic facial transformation.

Enjoy going through the hilarious photos below: