Hilarious Definition of Wahala


When the person interviewing you at your new job is the same guy you insulted in traffic.
You go apologise tire.

When you tell your friend “your mama!!!” and turn around and see his or her mum staring at you.
Meeehn, u go collect plenty slap.

When Mosquito lands on your father’s bald head and u try to kill it with your bare hands.
You must provide d proof ohh, or else…:

When Patience Ebele is ur English Teacher before WAEC.
Na A1 u go get, no worry.

When you update “salary things” on facebook and your landlord comments “on point”””””
U go travel go villa by force.

When you’re in a bus and you throw away #500 note instead of gala wrapper.
O’boy, E don red be dat! cry

When ur dad works at PHCN and they take light and you shout God punish PHCN……and he’s there with u.
Na ur mama go start to pay ur school fees.

When u dey on top okada and the okada man dey ping…
Na automatic ticket to Baba God be dat

When you finish eating in an eatery and u find out ur wallet fell out in a taxi…
Start to prepare ur grammar

When Usain Bolt chases u with a Cutlass…
O’boy, just stop beg am.

When u give beggar #1000 note instead of #50.
Generosity go change mind

kip it rolling……