7 Signs She Is After Your Money!


\These are 7 signs she’s dating you for your money. If she is dating you for your #money, then you need to do something about it. You can’t continue living and letting her suck off of you. 1. YOU JUST HAVE THAT FEELING I always say that you should trust your gut instinct as it always knows best. When someone is only dating you for your money, you can just feel it. 2. SHE’S CURIOUS ABOUT YOUR MONEY STATUS When you go on a date, she asks you about your money status. #Boy, she is fishing in your finances. If you have a lot of money, she is going to show a lot of interest in you. Why is this? It’s because she likes money! 3. TEMPER TANTRUM When you decline from giving her money or buying her something that she wants, she gives you a temper tantrum. Wow, shouldn’t she leave those tantrums for the kids in the back seat on the way home from the toy store? 4. YOU HAVE TO PAY BEFORE YOU CAN PLAY No, I’m not saying she is a Pr0stitute, but I guess in a way, she is if you have to pay before you can play. Before you are able to have s*x with her, you have to buy her something that is expensive. I know, this is sad, but there are #people out there like this. 5. SHE ASKS YOU FOR MONEY Okay, she just comes out and asks you for money. I think it is okay to ask for money if she is in dire need for rent or something, but if she is constantly doing it, then you need to find out how to draw the line. 6. SHE THINKS OF DATE NIGHT AS SHOPPING When you ask her where she would like to go, she tells you that she wants to be shopping. Now, I am all for shopping and taking the #guy around too, but if you are the one that is paying, then she is definitely using you for your money. 7. SHE HAS EXPENSIVE TASTE Even though she does not make very much money, it seems she has a lot of expensive stuff sitting around her house. Is this signs that she has used a guy before? However you stack it, if that girl has expensive taste, then you better watch that wallet and watch for those puppy eyes!