5 Charging Mistakes that are Killing your Phone Battery

Do you know that the way you charge your phone sometimes kills your battery? In this post, I’ll show you the mistakes you are making and also how to correct them.

Phone charging mistakes that kills your phone battery

— You’re Letting Your iPhone Die: Lithium ion batteries become volatile when they drop down to low power, so you ought to abstain from getting that “low battery” cautioning too often.

Each full discharge wears out your battery slightly.

— You’re Overheating Your Battery: You’ve probably noticed that your phone is annoyingly sluggish after its been sitting out in the sun. That’s because iPhone batteries really, really hate extreme temperatures, and have to work extra hard in high heat or cold. According to Apple, the “comfort zone” for iPhones (as well as iPads, iPods, and Apple Watches) is between 32 and 95 degrees.

— You’re Using Backup Charger Too Much: Your backup battery case is useful when you’re out & about and need some extra charge. But both your battery and the case itself emit heat during charging, which can do long term damage your device. To avoid overheating, try a portable power source that doesn’t attach to your phone.

— You’re Leaving Your Case on While Charging: While we’re on the subject, if your phone feels too hot when it’s plugged in, it’s possibly because your case might be trapping in the heat that’s produced while charging. So do your phone a favour and take it off.

— You’re Using The Wrong Charger: Your Apple-issued charger is designed to cut power when the battery hits 100%, but those cheap unauthorised third-party USB cords are not, and may excessively damage to the battery or even kill/harm you.

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